Best Business Laptop Backpacks of 2018

Our Top Picks for Business Laptop Backpacks in 2018

It’s a new year and the competition in the laptop backpack space is heating up.  There are more options now than ever before and there’s some new brands on the scene offering some very compelling designs at affordable prices.  Here’s our roundup of our top 3 picks with a choice for every budget.

Best Premium Business Laptop Backpack

Our top choice for the best business laptop bag is the Trakk Fuel business backpack.  This laptop backpack comes with all of the normal features you’d expect from a premium, quality laptop backpack, but it has a HUGE bonus for business travelers which is a built in 7,000 mAh power bank to charge your phone.  No more hunting for a plug at the airport or worrying about running out of juice while travelling.  This laptop backpack can recharge your phone 3 times, from 0% to 100% before it runs out of juice.

In addition to the charging bank, the other highlight for this business laptop backpack is the extreme water resistance.  The #1 enemy to your laptop is water.

Even just leaving your laptop in the bathroom when you shower everyday will eventually cause component failure as moisture seeps in to the small cracks in the laptop.  The Trakk Fuel laptop bag is water resistant in even the most damaging of environments so you can sleep easy knowing your laptop is protected.

Best Budget Laptop Backpack

Our top pick for the best 2018budget laptop backpack is the Feskin Laptop Backpack.  The design is modern and on trend with a beautiful design and leather straps.

The Feskin laptop bag can hold up to 15.6″ laptops which should be enough for any frequent travelers since you shouldn’t be hauling around any 17″ laptops when you travel unless you really hate your own back.

The outside of the Feskin backpack is dust and water resistant which is great for frequent flyers.  Airport conveyors never get cleaned (seriously, NEVER) and your bag will get dirty as soon as it makes it’s first journey through an airport.  This bag was super easy to clean off and didn’t get beat up very easily.

Best Mid-range Business Laptop Backpack

Our pick for the best midrange laptop backpack for business professionals is the Kopack TSA friendly laptop backpack.  This laptop backpack can fit up to 17″ laptops and it has a nylon exterior which is very durable and stain resistant.  The shoulder pads are cushioned meaning you can easily carry all of your necessities without hurting yourself.

This laptop backpack is right in the sweet spot for pricing where you won’t be disappointed with the quality but you also won’t be shocked at the cost.  It’s very affordable and offers a ton of value with all of the features you’d expect to see on a laptop bag that costs 2x or 3x the price.