The Best Laptop Bags for DJs

Best Laptop Bag for DJs

Every DJ needs a quality bag that is able to transport all of their equipment necessary for doing their job. DJs need room to safely transport their laptops, headphones, and other accessories from gig to gig and it needs to be durable enough to be able to travel with as well.

We tested every DJ laptop bag  on the market and narrowed it down to just two. The first bag, while more expensive, is higher quality and designed to last longer in traveling situations and withstand everyday use. The second bag, while also containing lots of storage space, is less expensive but may wear down more quickly with repeated use.

Orbit Concepts Jetpack Remix DJ Backpack

With ample storage for storing DJ equipment safely and securely, this DJ backpack contains a heavily padded interior and has separate compartments for storing electronics including laptops, tablets, and headphones. The secure laptop compartment, separate from other areas in the bag, fits units up to 17”. The headphone compartment is located towards the top of the bag, away from heavier electronics that could potentially damage them.

One of the best features about this bag is the record compartment – it has room to store up to four full-size vinyl records. DJs who enjoy using turntables at gigs will find this feature useful. This compartment also contains a hard-backed sleeve for storing CDs and a separate pocket that can fit a tablet, such as an iPad.

The third section holds small personal items that are easily accessible – things like business cards, pens, keys, a wallet, cell phone, etc.

Designed for regular ongoing use, it is durable and small enough to qualify as carry-on luggage, helpful for those DJs who are frequent fliers. It is built with comfortable straps that are well padded and includes a chest strap, taking the stress of carrying a heavy bag off of your back and shoulders. The bag’s material is made of water resistant ballistic nylon, a tough fabric that is designed to protect the contents from water and dirt as well as withstand repeated use and the rigors of travel.

Perfect for the traveling DJ, it carries all the gear you would need for a gig, assuming that the club/bar has their own turntables, CDJs, mixer, etc. Although it is a bit pricey, the quality and construction are much better when compared to less expensive options.

Odyssey Digital DJ Gear Backpack

This backpack is an adequate option for DJs who need to safely transport their equipment and accessories. It has ample storage for a laptop, compact DJ controllers, microphones, cables, hard drives, and headphones.

The dedicated, padded laptop compartment is designed to fit laptops up to 17” easily and is kept separate from other smaller, more delicate equipment. It is also designed to fit many brands and models of audio equipment, including Akai, Hercules, M-Audio, Native Instruments, Novation, and Vestax.

Small enough to be a carry-on bag according to most airlines’ requirements, it contains two padded compartments to protect all of your DJ equipment. The heavy duty zippers are designed for repeated use and the bag also contains convenient elastic band cable holders. Large front and side pockets are easily accessible for storing frequently used items.

Priced reasonably, the inside is spacious, able to protect and fit a DJ’s equipment and accessories. The bag itself is also easy to carry and does not feel bulky.

One drawback is that there are only two dedicated compartments – one for a laptop, and the other for everything else – headphones, microphones, etc. The first bag has three dedicated compartments, including space for record and CD storage.

Another drawback is that the straps could use more padding for optimal comfort and security. Carrying it for a long time can potentially cause your shoulders to hurt, especially if the bag is fully stocked. Some customers also mentioned loose small fibers appearing in the equipment compartments and having to clean their equipment before using. There are also potential issues with the clips breaking and zippers catching on the fabric. This may be a reflection of quality control problems, as many other people have had no problems with using this DJ backpack.

Odyssey BRLBACKTRAK Digital DJ Gear Backpack
List Price: $79.99
Price: $79.99
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