Best Laptop Bags Under $25

Your laptop may have cost you over $1,000 but that doesn’t mean you need to shell out big bucks for a laptop bag to protect it.  There are plenty of cheap laptop bags available that look great and will protect your valuable laptop.  Here are our top picks for the best cheap laptop bags under $25.

1 – Brinch 15.6″ Fabric Laptop Bag

Our top pick for the $25 and below category is the Brinch fabric laptop bag.  Click here to check it out on

brinch laptop bag main picture

This laptop bag is on the lower end of the price range but still sports some awesome features that elevate above the cheapest of the cheap.  The zippers on this bag are all made of metal so you never have to worry about them breaking or falling off.  Another feature we loved is the leather padding on the shoulder strap.  This isn’t real leather, it’s called PU leather or polyurethane leather.  This is basically a plastic imitation of leather which is much cheaper to produce and doesn’t require as much up keep as genuine leather.  This padded portion of the shoulder strap is ideal for people with larger laptops up to a 15.6″ size which would fit snugly inside this bag.  If you have a lighter laptop like an ultrabook or Macbook Air you might want to look for something a little bit smaller.  However, anything above 11″ and you’ll really appreciate the generous size and padded shoulder strap this bag offers.

Another thing we loved about this bag was the fabric exterior.  Leather laptop bags raise the cost for a premium looking leather but make the bag that much more prone to damage.  With a fabric laptop bag you don’t have to worry about damaging the exterior because the fabric is incredibly tough.  It also offers a nice cushion for the laptop so it doesn’t get slammed around too much as you travel.

In addition to the two features above, the Brinch bag also shows some forethought in the design of the pouch on the bag.  There are 3 different pouches on the laptop bag, although for most men you probably will only need 1 of them.  The first two pouches labeled 1 and 2 in the picture below are large enough to fit your cell phone and a travel size mouse.  There’s a 3rd pouch that can fit a women’s wallet or maybe even a small tablet.  If you have a full size iPad don’t expect it to fit here though.  You’ll have to store that on the inside with your laptop.

brinch laptop bag pouches


Here’s a few upclose shots of the Brinch laptop bag showcasing the leather handles, leather strap, and metal zippers.  All of these small touches add up to make this bag feel like it should cost much more than $25.  At this price point you’ll be hard pressed to find a better laptop bag.

brinch picture 4

2 – Case Logic 15.6″ Laptop Case

Our next choice is targeted squarely at the business user.  This laptop bag is sleek, stylish, and plain.  But in a good way!  Check out the Case Logic 15.6″ Laptop bag on Amazon. When you’re traveling for business you don’t want a loud, brightly colored laptop bag; the more understated the better.  This laptop bag has a sleek black exterior, a slim profile (very thin) and thoughtfully placed storage which make it ideal for people who are carrying around more than just their laptop.

case logic 15.6" laptop case   Here’s a side profile of this bag showing just how thin it is.  Ideal for fitting in to narrow spots like the overhead storage or underneath a seat on an airplane.

case logic picture 3

And last, but not least, our favorite feature on this Case Logics laptop bag is the awesome storage pouch.  This pouch has a nice zipper to keep everything secure and a TON of space to fit your laptop charger, phone, tablet, and anything else you could possibly need to bring along on a trip.

case logic picture 5

3 – Amazon Basics Laptop Bag

If you’re not familiar with Amazon Basics, it’s kind of like the store brand or the generic version.  Click here to check it out on Amazon.  Amazon produces low cost, no frills, high quality versions of popular products and their laptop backpack is no exception.  This laptop backpack is built for people who carry around a LOT of stuff other than a laptop, like students or anyone in technical fields that need to lug around a lot of documentation.

amazon basics laptop backpack main picture

Here’s a picture showing just how much stuff you can fit into one of these backpacks.  I’d personally go crazy if I had that much stuff jammed in my backpack but if you do need that much space, you can’t go wrong with this laptop backpack.  There’s even a spot for your water bottle on the side.

amazon basics 2

And finally, here’s a picture of what the backpack looks like when you actually have your laptop inside of it.

amazon basics backpack with a laptop inside of it

This backpack is not small and it’s not thin.  This is a totally utilitarian laptop carrier and it doesn’t try to hide it.  It is made for hauling stuff and getting work done.  This comes in right at our $25 pricepoint and with the Amazon name behind it you know it will be a quality product.