Tactical Laptop Backpack for Hunters and Outdoorsman

The Best Tactical Laptop Bag/Backpack

Anybody who has traveled with a laptop knows how important it is to keep your valuable laptop safe.  With laptops now costing upwards of $1,000, a nice, cheap $30 backpack can save your laptop from being accidentally destroyed.  The problem with most laptop bags is that they don’t look good.  Most laptop bags are bulky with 15 extra compartments you don’t need or they have thin leather and a long strap that goes over your shoulder.  This might work for someone who wants a European man purse (aka murse), but if you go outside at all you know you need something more rugged.

Enter the HuntVP Tactical Laptop Backpack


The HuntVP tactical laptop backpack is built with the rugged outdoorsman in mind.  It will keep your laptop safe from damage and the elements.

The outside of the backpack is made using HuntVPs special MOLLE external expansion system.  This means you won’t be limited to tiny pouches or cheap straps.  The expansion system is ultra flexible so you can fit all of your tools on the outside of the pack without risking damage to your laptop.

The backpack is large enough to fit laptops with up to a 14″ screen.  This means you can easily fit in any tablets or smaller devices as well.


Here’s a rundown of the specs for the HuntVP tactical laptop bag:

  • Height: 18″ in
  • Width at base: 14″
  • Width at top of bag: 9″
  • Depth: 6″
  • Shoulder strap length: 31″-47″ adjustable
  • Weight (empty): 1.4lb


At a bare minimum, you need your laptop bag to protect your laptop/tablets.  The HuntVP has no problem there.

The main thing that sets this bag apart from other laptop bags is that it doesn’t look like a man purse.  The backpack comes in different colors such as black and tactical brown which gives it a military appearance.  This bag looks like it was meant to be in rough conditions and doesn’t look fragile at all.

Another nice feature of this backpack is the outlet for your headphones or hydration pack.  This lets you drink on the go or listen to music while keeping everything protected inside the bag.


The main drawback to this backpack is that it isn’t really big.  A lot of laptops are larger than 14″ and this backpack is not meant for those.  It is lightweight, small, and made for carrying in the back country.  This means that the backpack sacrifices some extra space in exchange for a small frame and a very light weight on your back.  This is a good tradeoff to make since you usually won’t be hauling around a ton of stuff when you’re in the woods so the small size shouldn’t be an issue for many people.


The main competitor to the HuntVP laptop backpack is the X-Freedom Tactical Sling laptop backpack.  This has a similar design and size, but we found the shoulder strap to be more awkward and the size of the pack to be much smaller.  The X-Freedom sling also lacks the expandable pouches on the outside of the backpack which also hinder it’s ability to carry extra weight.

Here is a picture of the X-Freedom tactical sling, showing the large, bulky shoulder strap.

Bottom Line

There hasn’t been a great option for a tactical laptop backpack for a very long time.  The HuntVP is pretty new and hasn’t been widely tested yet but it appears to be well built and does what it says it will do: protecting your laptop without looking like a man purse.

For the price, we don’t think you can find a better tactical laptop bag on the market and we were extremely impressed with the HuntVP tactical laptop bag.

If you’d like to read more reviews or purchase the HuntVP backpack you can click below.