Mobile Edge Alienware Orion M14x ScanFast Checkpoint Friendly Backpack Review

For a nice, sleek laptop backpack that will hold a smaller notebook computer or tablet, consider this cool looking backpack from Mobile Edge. One of the things that I really enjoy about this one is the nice modern design that eliminate the usual bulkiness that you get with most backpacks […] Read more »

Targus Checkpoint-Friendly Corporate Traveler Backpack for 15.4 Inch Laptops Review

This great travel backpack will fit most laptops, and tablets, while leaving you some room for a few clothes and other travel necessities. Of course, the best feature for it is that it is a TSA approved laptop bag. This means that when you need to go through airport security, […] Read more »

TSA Approved Laptop Backpacks

Best TSA Approved Laptop Bags Getting through airport security is awful.  It’s even worse if you do not have a checkpoint friendly bag for your computer. Without one of these TSA-approved laptop bags, your friendly TSA agent will make you take your laptop out of the bag and place it […] Read more »